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houseofdecay's Journal

20 June
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House of Decay - Specializing in goth, steam punk, and just plain cool jewelry, all handmade with vintage and recycled materials! All at affordable prices!

Thanks for checking out House of Decay! All our creations are made with a majority, if not 100%, recycled, reclaimed, and reused materials. All pieces are 100% unique and one of a kind.
Each piece is made with a variety of vintage and modern materials, from old chains to new charms, from swarovski crystals to antique pocket watches. You won't find anything quite like this anywhere else.

Custom orders are always welcome! Just send us a message.

Check out our sister shop, Vintage and More Home Decor, for jewelry covered picture frames, shellcraft boxes, and more!
afforable jewelry, diy, diy jewelry, earrings, etsy, goth, steampunk